University of South Florida

Proscenium Theatre

Tampa, Florida;   2016

Co Scenic Designer: Tyler Stentiford

Co Scenic Designer: Yao Chen

Co Lighting Designer: Beau Edwardson

Co Lighting Designer: Thomas Bowersox

Director: Douglas Hall


Telling the story woman maimed from a horrifying accident in a woodshed in her youth, now seeking the healing power of an evangelical preacher, Violet, shows how the perception of things in life influence others’ interactions with them. The design concept for the show was taken from this theme and transposed in a way which was both aesthetically pleasing as well as theatrically practical. Utilizing shutters and filtered light, the set shapes the changing world which the cast plays in as Violet travels to Tulsa to meet her destiny.

Show Fabrication

Designed and hosted by reora, inc.